10 Mindful Practices for Everyday

Mindfulness id not only about meditating. If we are completely present in our mind, body and spirit while doing any task/activity, that too is a form of mindfulness. And we can practice mindfulness is our daily life through our routine chores and activities. Being present with all our sense during any situation is what mindfulness is all about. Being focused, centered, without wanderings of the mind or distractions keeps us relaxed and poised at the same time.

Lets find out how and where we can practice mindfulness in our daily lives:

  • Cultivating Gratitude

Make a list each day of the things or people you are grateful for in your life. This boosts your optimism and also gives you a feeling of happiness and contentment in your daily life by counting the blessings that we have.

  • Eat Mindfully

Try and eat at least one meal a day mindfully by switching off all distractions, like your mobile, TV screens or any other things. Savour and taste each morsel enjoying the variety of tastes each ingredient has. Allow yourself to see, smell and taste the food wholly while enjoying it to the fullest.

  • Drive Mindfully

Drive with your complete concentration and involvement in driving. A mundane activity as driving can end up being very therapeutic if we practice it while giving our full attention to the very task. Focus on the path, feel the steering wheel in your hands, notice the sound of the engine carefully and be duly present while you drive.

  • Walking Meditation

Walking meditation can be very helpful especially because it combines movement of the body with mindfulness. You can stretch your body, move your limbs while focusing all your senses on how you feel in your body, observing the movement of your body and being present in the surroundings where you are walking.

  • Breathing Mindfully

Breathing and breathing mindfully is the best form of meditation there is. Find a place where you can sit comfortably with an erect spine and focus on each breath. Focus on inhalation and exhalation and the movement of breath within the body through the lungs, chest and into the diaphragm. This exercise can be done anytime of the day and anywhere. It helps to relax your mind and body and relieve stress.

  • Single-Tasking

Instead of multi-tasking, which is very stressful in itself, try dedicating all your attention to doing a single task at hand with all your focus and presence. It will make you feel more fulfilled, more involved and less stressed as well.

  • Gardening

Gardening is a great way to destress and feel rejuvenated. It also rebuilds our connection with nature which in turn helps us feel revitalised and relieved of stress. Different colours of flowers and leaves, plants and trees and so many beautiful fragrances are wonderful de-stressors and are therapeutic as well.

  • Art Therapy

Art therapy is a very meaningful outlet for all your expressions and feelings. Working with various colours and hues gives a sense of happiness and boosts your creativity as well. It can help in regulating our moods and addictive behaviours too.

  • Journaling

Journaling can be very mindful especially if done with complete attention and without any judgement. It’s a great way to vent out your feelings and thoughts, and also helps you introspect yourself, your personal behaviours and growth. Honest and transparent journaling helps in relieving stress and pain.

  • Laughter Yoga

It is always said that laughter is the best medicine and indeed it is. Laughter Yoga is a group activity that focuses on happiness, fun and playfulness. This regular practice helps us find joy and happiness without any reason or dependence on anything/anyone.

Author: Aumtara