Aumtara The Spiritual Hub, is the place to celebrate being in Now. Our Aim is to bring together the like-minded people, who are now ready to expand, to unfold and to move on to make a shift in themselves and the world around them through their respected journeys.

At this most important time in the history and evolution of humankind, healing is essential at an intimate personal level for each soul in order to facilitate the powerful healing and peaceful changes that are needed for our planet reaching beyond the facade of human existence into the essence of the universal consciousness.

The centre gives you an opportunity to express, share, exchange, learn, unlearn and to relearn the journey of the known and the unknown through various workshops, awareness talks, meetings and exhibitions to nourish the mind, body and soul with the purpose to give the maximum amount of happiness to the maximum number of people for the maximum amount of time.

I believe in the web of life and Everything is connected, Everything is constantly changing and shifting each moment. I live with the motto that, “As you sow so shall you reap”.

No purpose was kept in mind to bring up the Aumtara centre, it has grown organically over the period of time and so I humbly accept its appearance which shall grow its own purpose merging with the purpose of who so ever get connected to it When you come to know who you are and what’s in your heart, you experience a deep sense of ease. You have confidence in yourself, your decisions, as you are guided by your inner compass. You are able to make choices grounded in the truth of who you are. When you are listening. You can breathe. With all my heart I believe that our purpose is simply to be who and how we are at present.

And it’s a process you can revisit again and again to stay connected, to keep the channels of communication open with your spirit guides and higher self and to keep growing your authentic self with wisdom, courage and action.