Angel Healing

Angel healing involves working with archangels and angels to facilitate well-being on physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the subject. The modality is rooted in the belief that angels are spiritual beings who provide guidance, protection and healing to individuals seeking their assistance.

The angel healing include:

  1. Angel Card Readings
  2. Angelic Reiki: Angelic Reiki is a form of energy healing that combines traditional Reiki techniques with the guidance and support of angelic beings to promote balance and harmony within the recipient’s energy system.
  3. Channeled Messages: Some angel healers claim to receive channeled messages from angels, which they then share with their clients to guidance, support and encouragement tailored to the individual’s specific needs, situations and circumstances.
  4. Invocations, Prayers and Affirmations
  5. Meditation and Visualization

Angel healing is considered a complementary practice that can be used alongside conventional medical treatments and therapies.

Author: Aumtara