Connecting to our Inner Self through Nature

How nature helps us grow, heal and stay connected to our inner self?

Nature belongs to us and we belong to nature. It has been a part of our life and spirit since forever.

Nature aids our children in regulating their emotions. The more time our children spend in natural settings, the more they are aligned with the earth’s rhythm and connect with their inner selves. Immersed in nature our children naturally absorb nature’s wisdom.

In their youth, the primary desire of children is to play, and the earth serves as their greatest playground. It is a very natural instinct of every offspring of either an animal or a human, to play in the natural environment surrounded by the nature’s creations the moment they step on the mother earth. Allowing a child to roll in the dirt, play in the sand, jump in the ocean or climb a tree will illuminate their soul. Its our responsibility to preserve the connection of our children with nature.

We must all recognise that we are all indigenous to the land, and observing indigenous people living in harmony with the land inspires us to return to this connection with nature. This involves respecting and revering the natural world, fostering a connection to the elements, mother earth and father sky. Placing children in nature is one of the most beneficial things we can do for their emotions, nervous systems, senses, learning experiences, and their spirit, while cultivating a profound connection to life beyond urban living and digital distractions. In nature, we discover profound peace and our inner voice.

Even amidst city life nature is accessible, whether in parks, green spaces, forests, lakes or oceans.

  • Try ‘earthing’ – walking barefoot, connecting directly with the earth’s surface. There is a reason why the soul of our foot is so close to the word soul. Strong feet create a strong anchor and foster greater body alignment.
  • Additionally, take a moment to appreciate the sunset, allowing its beauty to rejuvenate your spirit and forge a connection to the natural world.
  • Bathing in the night of a full moon can also offer profound insights and clarity.
  • Embrace organic and locally sourced foods, and express gratitude to the earth for its nourishment.
  • Connect with your food before eating it, pausing to thank the earth for creating it and nourishing your body.
  • Make daily efforts to align with your body’s natural biorhythm which is directly proportional to nature’s rhythm of waking up with the rising sun and wrapping up the day around sunset.
  • Living with intention will create a life of deeper connection with nature.
  • And last but not the least, take life step by step, be in the flow and enjoy each moment as it comes.
Author: Aumtara