GND is known today for his being an author of the Amazon Bestseller book, A Spiritual Coach, A mentor who handholds his people, a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a Wanderer in his own way. But this doesn’t end here as coming into the spiritual path he also realized that in this era if you want to tell your things you need to tell to the Entrepreneurs, the guidance needed to be provided to the right men as then only the information passes to the right beings.
He understands the requirement of the era and thus came back to the world of attachment and introduced himself as a spiritualpreneur and working in the world of attachment with detachment and passing on the blessings and knowledge to the people.
He is on a mission to bring valuable changes to a million people on this planet earth by 2030 he has already trained around 5000 people and is working ahead with his knowledge-sharing techniques and products.