Hi I am Surbhi Shivpuri

Since my childhood I was very intuitive. I used to have pre-cognition .I was too small to understand all these things but later in my life I got fascinated with occult science. As I grew up my fascination towards astrology, palmistry, numerology started growing up and finally one day I saw this Tarot cards and somehow I got immediately connected to it .Then I started looking for a teacher, found a teacher and learnt Tarot from her. Now it’s almost 11 years that I am a professional Tarot Reader.Being a Tarot reader I had so many experiences with people helped them to come out of their problems, how to handle obstacles in life, seeing ahead with positive mind.
It’s a great journey into the field of Tarot.And now I’ve become a Tarot coach too. All of my students love Tarot the way I love it.
Tarot tells everything about life. Our obstacles, our purpose, our state of mind, our future, and many more things to see ahead.Being a Tarot Reader and coach understood so many things.It taught me to be more humble and polite in life. Gratitude towards God and everyone .

Learning Bhagwad Geeta also. Truth of life.

I run my NGO in Mathura. Initially me my relatives and friends started to distribute food and mask during lockdown time. Then we started our kitchen and used to serve 125-130 people everyday.
Now we are giving education to 15 less privileged kids.

Learnt so much from life.

Maybe lot of things I’ve learned being a Tarot Reader.