Tantra is a philosophical, spiritual and ritualistic tradition originated in ancient India and has connections to Hinduism and Buddhism. It includes a wide range of beliefs, practices and rituals that are usually associated with the expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth. Tantra is known for its focus on the interplay of energies, including the masculine and feminine, chakras and the integration of various spiritual and physical elements.

Tantra includes Sacred Texts and Philosophy, Rituals and Ceremonies, Sacred Sexuality and Energetic Practices

These practices may involve texts, mantras, philos0phy, self-awareness, yantra, rituals breathwork, meditation, and yoga to enhance awareness, expand consciousness, realization of one’s true nature.

It is advisable to approach Tantra with an understanding of its rich historical and cultural context and to seek guidance from qualified and knowledgeable practitioners who can provide authentic teachings and practices.

Author: Aumtara