I am a certified Reiki grandmaster, Angel healer and Tarot Card reader. I have been practicing spirituality for more than 9 years. While I practice these modalities, I also teach reiki and angel healing and conduct workshops on manifestation, affirmation, meditation and many more.

I assist people who are suffering from physical and mental issues.

I am a life coach & counselling expert. I am a qualified Reiki GrandMaster, theta healing practitioner and Tarot & Angel Card Reader. I have been practicing life coaching, counselling and spirituality for many years and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the disciplines.

I conduct workshops on meditation, spirituality, manifestation, affirmations and also offer certified training in Reiki and Angel Healing.

People come to me for their physical ailments like back pain, congestion, migraine etc. and also for mental and emotional issues like feeling stressed out, feeling low, feeling stuck in life etc. I help people improve their physical health and emotional well-being through spiritual tools including reiki, theta healing, angel healing and tarot card reading.

My principal purpose of living is to bring more love, care and peace to the people in the world. I believe that life coaching & energy healing can bring immense positive change and difference in people’s lives.

I specialize in helping people overcome their challenges and create a life they desire. My passion is to help others realize their full potential, build self-confidence, and find their purpose.

I have also launched my product- healing candles. They have the healing powers of essential oils and crystals. They go through a 24-hour energizing process. Have launched 4 fragrances- Lavender, Orange, Rose and Eucalyptus.