Soma, founder of spiritual healing and wellness platform- Inner Wisdom Light, is an internationally certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master teacher. She is also a Tarot reader, Meditation trainer, Access Bars practitioner and a happiness life coach. By education, Soma is an MBA Marketing graduate with 16 years of corporate experience in media marketing and advertising.
Soma’s journey into healing and spirituality began years ago during her corporate marketing career. Back then, Soma had everything that one can desire, and yet, there was this lingering sense of something missing which she couldn’t quit put her fingers on. It was when her mother was diagnosed with cancer that she took to Spirituality and healing therapies to aid in the process of her mother’s healing.
Her spiritual acumen not just healed her mom but helped her finally find her purpose and start her new venture through which she is committed to helping people overcome life’s challenges, heal and live a happier, purposeful and fulfilling life. Soma believes that a smile is more powerful than any virus and so is committed to spread more smiles.